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1997 ram bogging/dying?

hey guys got a problem on my hands!! First off i changed the oil maybe 2000 miles ago and one guy told me i needed an engine flush, since there was some gunk in there. Today on my way home im idling at a light(never iddles perfect) and all of a sudden car dies out. Start it back up and try to drive and it chuggs and kind of dies. So i start it again and finalyl get through the light i was at and try to make it the 2 miles back to my house. During those 2 miles it would barley accelerate, bogging, and if i pressed the gas down hard it kind of backfire through the exhaust. I made it home but wasnt pretty. What do you think, spark plugs, timing??? not what i wanted to happen since i just put all my money into buying a motorcycle ! Any help would be greatly appreciated
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