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Re: NSX Questions

Originally Posted by CHaserTourv
Wuts the difference between the Honda NSX and the Acura NSX, does the Honda have more trim levels, price different, do u think the car is worth the $90,000 price tag?
Honda NSX -->

Acura NSX -->

As far as I know, the Honda & Acura NSXs are the same, (with a small excpetion I'll get to).

They're both offered with AT & MT trims, equipped with a 3.0L & 3.2L engine respectively.

However, the difference is that I've noticed in Japan, they actually have trims for their NSXs.
What I've come to believe is there are 3 trims in Japan:

Honda NSX Type-S
Honda NSX Type-S Zero
Honda NSX Type-R

Hope that helps.

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