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Go Geo Go!!!!!

Hey Guys, I just got dont putting a 94' Honda engine in a 92' Geo Tracker. I used this engine transplant after my Geo's engine went was also an easy way to get an A+ in my Auto Shop class. I have a few things I need cleared up, I cut the exhaust so all I have is a cat converter......and nothing else...mostly beacuse the exhaust is on the wrong side, its hard getting a transverse engine to work inline!!!!!

Now it sound like a real racer....nt that I intend to race it, because the cars drive train is and will always be for winter snow, and not speed. But I just ordered a "Cool Air Intake" today for the engine......what is a "cool air intake" Ive been fixxing cars for a few years now, but Ive never seen a "CAI" in a car....I know what it looks like....but how does it work....what does it give me in return for the $ I put into it. Will it make the exhaust sound even more racy, and fast, even though its not.......Any info on "CAI" would be great.


P.S. what is the little hose that come with it for...and what it hook up too?????? Im lost!!!!!
Dude....Burning wires.....who knew?
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