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Re: 2009 civic engine in a 95

Originally Posted by Crazy667 View Post
I know a guy who is claiming that he has a 95 civic with a 2009 civic engine witha six speed i dont know much about hondas but my question is if anyone knows the possibility of someone doing this and approximation of what is would cost. Thanks in advance.
That's easy stuff, especially for a shop to do. A LOT of parts are made nowdays for K-series swaps into EG and EK chassis civics.

What you are talking about is a K-series swap into an EG. The K-series w/ a 6 speed has been out since the RSX Type-S was first introduced circa 2002, hasport followed with mounts a year or two later. Now a K-series in an EG or EK is pretty common. You can buy the mounts and lots of other required parts nowdays, so there is a lot less custom fab involved than there was 6+ years ago.

The Acura RSX comes with a K-series (K20A3 for 2002-2004, K20Z1 in 2005-2006), though it's a toned down version. The 2002-2005 Si hatchback came with the K20A3. The RSX Type-S had a good, hopped up K series with a 6 speed (K20A2). It put down 200hp, whereas the K20A3 put down 160hp. The 2006-2010 Civic Si has a K20Z3 with a factory LSD in the transmission.

The newer CRV came with a K24A1 ( K24Z6 for 2010+ CRV), and the Acura TSX came with a K24A2 also came with K-Series motors (The CRV had a K24). Some guys will stick a K20 head on a K24 block (some idea as an CR/Vtec from back in the day).

To swap a K-series with 6 speed into an EG will probably run in the $7,000-8,000 range if you are paying a shop to do it (which I'd recommend if you haven't any engine swapping experience). A K-series swap is harder for the DIY type person than a B series swap is.

It's just that easy folks... mind the forum guidelines and we're cool.
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