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Footwork FA13, Modelers 1/20

Hi, I finished another one.

It's the original Modelers Kit. Fujimi currently sells a reissue. The old decals were difficult, they didn't like going around curved surfaces, the Fujimi ones should be better, so I painted the red surfaces. Also the yellow ring in the rear rims is a bit too wide for the part.
The parts fit well, even the cowling (I like the seperate parts), only the nose is a bit difficult and the front wing is fragile. I have no clue how people build the front wings of the current F1 generation, that alone is a reason to stay with the old cars

I used Zero paints and 1k clear, the red is Ferrari Rosso pre 2004, black Prisma and Cupli from the can. Belts were made from leukosilk, I only added some wires.

Hope you like it.

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