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Re: Effect On Handling of Tires With Different Speed AND Load Ratings on SAME Axle?

Originally Posted by CapriRacer View Post
Because of the wide range, it can not be predicted.
That's why the rules say not to do that.
The tires should be as close to the same as possible.

Ya' see, in emergency maneuvers, cars tend to rotate around
the odd tire - and the more odd the tire is, the stronger that

Further, the same applies to the front/rear. The more different,
the more likely the vehicle will swap ends in emergency

So the ideal set up is to have 4 of the same make and model
tire with the same amount of wear.

Thanks. Confirms what I already knew. Just wanted to learn more of the effects of mismatched load ratings on same axles, handling dynamics, etc.

This particular vehicle specifies, on its B-pillar inflation decal, 93V-rated tires. Only one such tire is - the front passenger side. The others are a variety of 94T and 94V. The rears exhibit moderate dry-rot and cracking, and the fronts are of the same make, but different models and categories!

When running the vehicle through Tire Rack for OEM suggestions, I got back no 93V tires, only 94V, across a range of categories(All Season, Grand Touring All Season, etc.).

Do they even make 93V anymore in the OEM size for my car?
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