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Re: 2013 Malibu SRS/Airbag light on.

I bought a new OBD2 scanner to one that could access the SRS (airbag) and ABS (brakes) codes, and quickly learned about a B0013 code.

So far, from what little information I gathered, the code is not a sign of something major, still having that light on is really annoying. I learned many things could be wrong from an "airbag coil" aka "airbag clock spring", or a loose connector in the steering wheel. All are bad options since they entail disassembling the steering wheel.

There's of course the kissing the dealer's ring at dealer prices since... well... that's just what they do. Or, wait for the code to clear by itself.

According to a few DTC pages: Conditions for Clearing the DTC: The condition for setting the DTC is no longer exists. or A history DTC will clear once 100 malfunction-free ignition cycles have occurred.

A 100 ignition cycles!!!

Question - what happens to the cycles after you clear code or disconnect the battery? do the cycles reset too?
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