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2013 Malibu SRS/Airbag light on.

Hello there to all,

I've scoured the internet to find a solution to this and found nothing but generic suggestions that don't work, hope to find one here.

As the title says, I have a 2013 Malibu with a SRS / Airbag service light that won't come off. It all started after hard breaking and hard horn honk, the light came on and has not come off since.

Every website says to disconnect the battery for 1hr, no that doesn't work. I called GM customer service and as other websites suggest the solution is between 700 & 1000 to reflash / reset the SRS system. It's worth mentioning there was no accident, there was no impact, the airbags never deployed;so any amount of money to fix this is unconscionable.

Having said all this, has anyone here faced this problem and fixed it? Has anyone reset the SRS Airbag light for good without having to kiss GM's dealership ring?
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