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Re: dropping tranny in 99 metro

since you say there is limited room I'm assuming you have the 4 cylinder as opposed to the 3 cylinder-when I swapped out the auto tranny on my 96 4 cylinder I discovered the flywheel still protruded into the bellhousing of the transmission when the transmission was unbolted and against the left firewall-I purchased a "cherry picker" from harbor freight and removed the engine mount bolts and moved the engine sideways towards the passenger side until there was room to drop the transmission-there was enough slack in the wires where I didn't have to do any disconnects-I had to remove the pulleys and remove the A/C compressor from the engine block and tie it off to keep stress off the refrigerant line-to install the transmission I raised it into position, moved the engine back in to bolt it into the mounts, bolted the engine and tranny together and finally installed the tranny mounts-
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