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Re: 93 Metro keeps burning up rear wheel bearings

Just an item that might be helpful. Just now I checked both of my manuals. One is the Haynes manual and the other is my 1994 factory manual. In both books, if the staked spindle nuts are used, the required torque is 129 ft. lbs. for both the front and the rear applications. My Metro is a 1994 base model. Needless to say, the spacers must be in place. Otherwise the result will probably be disasterous. Since I have never needed to remove the front ones, I can't comment further. However, as far as the races are concerned, I can state that ball bearings in every application I have ever encountered have always been provided both inner and outer races. Ball bearings have to transfer the load via the inner race to steel balls themselves, and then to an outer race. Probably, the outer races are press fit into the brake drums themselves, and when replacement time arrives, outer races will have to be driven out quite carefully and new ones tapped back in, again, quite carefully and evenly.

As a final note: If castellated nuts are used, then the specified torque values do differ. 58 to 86 ft. lbs. for the rear drums, and 108.5 to 195.0 for the drive axle-to- hub nuts. These figures come from the 1994 factory manual.

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