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Re: 94 Metro 5 Speed Manual Transmission Rebuild

Grasping the large Ball bearing on top of the Differential Final Gear Plate, I lifted
and the entire Differential Assembly just came out of the case !

I wish I had done that before! - would have made taking the Final Gear off easier...

Here are some views of the Differential Assembly and the numbers off of the Ball Bearings (BB) on either end.

The Left Side BB next to the Final Gear Mounting Plate is wobbly, but the right side BB seems tight.

The Rebuild Kit from E-Bay contains Both Differential Ball Bearings (6207 and 6007) so that I can pull both off and replace them.

I removed the Ball Bearing units from the Differential with the Bearing Puller - but ran into a problem.

The center hole is huge and the Bearing Puller has a small conical center "bit"
which works fine for small diameter shafts with small center holes - as before.

The Bit must push against the center Shaft of the Differential - and HARD !
What was I to do ?

I had tried a layer of bigger washers, but they collapse under the high pressure the Bearing Puller applies.

Here is how I solved that problem - Machinists - Don't laugh at me! This worked...
I don't have lots of $$$ for all sorts of tools...these cost $4.15

Various one inch Bolts, Flair Nuts and Washers - the Bolts self center in the washers.
Grind or file the washers to fit inside large bore center holes in Bearings...
Drill a center hole in the tops of the Bolts to accept the conical Bearing Puller bit.

I was told by a Clutch Shop owner that there are no bearings inside of the above Differential...

Here is what the Right Side Case looks like without the Differential Assembly in place.

Notice the clinging black crap coating the case. It comes off by rubbing with Kleenex very easily.

This indicates to me that a good "Flush" of the transmission at, say, 100,000 miles
might do a world of good. Get rid of that black stuff - whatever it is.

It is probably a bit abrasive and might lessen the transmission's life expectancy. (?)

More to come...going to bed!


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