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Re: 94 Metro 5 Speed Manual Transmission Rebuild

I decided to make some cuts in the Bearing and split it off.

Looking on the Internet via Google, I found all sorts of suggestions.

Put several welds on it with an electric Stick welder - makes it expand locally and
it will pop off with a light tap.
If not, you have the weld blob to grab onto with the Puller....(!)

Cut it with a Moto-Tool in two places and hit it with a chisel.

Bash the Bearing hard with a Hammer and it will deform enough to let go.

Made two grooves about 1/4 inch apart then I removed a portion of the R Bearing Race,
heated it up with a blowtorch, banged it with a Hammer, left it under pull tension overnight
and this morning it finally started to move !

It must have become hot where it started to slide because I smelled hot oil when
I was turning the wrench !

I had damaged the Countershaft end very slightly with the Moto-Tool cutter,
but this should not bother anything...

I hope getting the new one on won't be such a bugger as getting it off was !

More to come....


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