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Re: 94 Metro 5 Speed Manual Transmission Rebuild

Last night I lubed the Main Puller Bolt with "LubriPlate" and tried pulling the Countershaft
3rd and 2nd Gears. BTW - the 2nd Gear spins freely.

No way - again, would not I left the puller under tension all night.

The next morning, I loosened it and then retightened it until I heard the proverbial "Snap"
and turned the wrench continuously until the gears came off.

After cleaning the gears up with solvent I assembled them in order as they go on
the Countershaft and in the correct orientation.

Now I am back to another one of those damned "Circlips" to remove...hate those buggers!

After screwing around with my Snap Ring pliers, trying to get the damned Circlip out (without any progress),
I had an idea....

I touched the OUTSIDE tips of my Needle Nose Pliers to the grindstone (you could use a file) and then drilled
a small "pit" into the new flat portion (you could probably use a pointed punch!), thus making a "Circlip Remover"... I am a genius...

By spreading the Clip open and pivoting my hand down, the Circlip slipped "out'a da the slot - quicker'n snot"....

The Circlip has sharp points at the end which fit into the pit in my new "remover".

After the "Circlip" was removed, I applied the Bearing Puller to the bottom side of the 1st Gear to remove both the gear
and the "Low Speed Synchronizer Hub and Sleeve".

I started to tighten the pressure bolt with my hand before using the wrench on it and to my surprise,
everything started to come off just by finger turning the main loosening bolt on the Gear Puller.

You might be able to just pull the Low Speed Synchronizer Hub and Sleeve off by hand!

Here is the positioning and orientation of those components on the Countershaft.

Notice that there is a Needle Bearing Set that the 1st Gear rotates on.

Today, I E-Mailed the folks who sell the Transmission Rebuild Kit and asked if they sell the replacement Needle Bearings.

NO ! They do not ! If you damage the Needle Bearings on these shafts, you may be very much S.O.L.

I have doubts that anyone sells them anymore!

Here is my "Hoard on a Cord" of what came off the Countershaft so as to keep it in order.

Lastly, one has to pull off the R Bearing from the right side end of the Countershaft.

I had to run into a problem somewhere.....

My Bearing Puller is not THIN enough to enter the space between the bearing and that integral gear
(part of the shaft) on the end of the countershaft !

I tried, but the puller just ripped the covering off of the bearing rollers and they popped out.

I suppose I've broken this bearing and made it useless (the kit should have the replacement, though !)

I have been trying to get the Bearing Puller to slip into that slot to no avail.

I tried to grasp the Front Lip of the Bearing as shown here

But the Bearing Lip Broke off a portion with a loud Bang !

I am at a loss for a method of pulling this Bearing.

Maybe grind it off with a thin MotoTool diamond wheel ? Break it, as it were, like a nut ?

Any Ideas anyone ? Private Message (PM) me please if you have any ideas.


PS - If anyone knows where you can get new Needle Bearings for this Transmission,
please PM me with the information and I'll pass it along.

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