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Re: 94 Metro 5 Speed Manual Transmission Rebuild

This evening before hitting the sack, I started pulling off the Countershaft "L" Bearing Cone
and 4th Gear using my trusty per the Manual's instructions.

Man this one does not want to budge !

Have a look at Page 7A - 25 - 1 of the Manual !
Posted here on 2-7-09 at 11:14 pm

It says, "Caution: Use puller and press that will bear 5 ton (11,000 lbs) safely"

Then, further down, "Caution: If compression exceeds 5 ton (11,000 lbs), release compression once,
reset puller support and then continue press work again.

Holy crap ! How would I know how much force I'm using with my socket wrench ?!

I torqued it down and heard a loud SNAP. Don't see anything broken...(?)
Nothing is moving though, like the other shaft's I am leaving it torqued under
stress and going to bed.
Maybe it will start moving during the

.............well, it wouldn't come off this morning !

I decided to pull off the L Bearing by itself, contrary to the Manual instructions.
Maybe the Bearing was adding too much resistance to the both of them (?)

The L Bearing "Popped" loudly and came off using the Puller inverted with the cup shape up.

Here is the Information on the L Bearing itself:
JAPAN - KOYO - HI-CAP - 32004JR-N - LFT (for what is is worth).

This is how the 4th Gear looks with the L Bearing removed.
Notice the Gear's orientation on the shaft...

Here I am pulling the 4th gear with the puller clamped to my Vise so it won't turn as
I loosen it.
It also "popped" and came off as I turned the wrench continuously so it wouldn't lock up again.

I guess I was right - the Bearing and Gear were "too much" to pull off together !

Here are the 4th Gear and a "3rd & 4th Gear Spacer", the latter which is loose on the shaft.

More to come....


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