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Re: 94 Metro 5 Speed Manual Transmission Rebuild

The High Speed Hub & Sleeve came apart and I removed it.

The Circlip was a Bastard to is not very flexible and was pinched by
the Hub & Sleeve Assembly on half of it's circumference.

Once it was off, I had to flatten it and squeeze it back to round in my vise.
If that got ruined - couldn't be replaced !

Here is the Circlip, High Speed Sleeve, Keys and Springs

This shows how the Keys go back into the Hub & Sleeve Assembly

I pulled the High Speed Hub and Input Shaft 3rd Gear off using the Puller, cleaned
everything off and reassembled the Hub & Sleeve.

The High Speed Sleeve is flat on one side and curved on the other and the ridges
inside are notched where the Keys go.

Neither the Hub nor the Sleeve are symmetrical - one side is different than the other
and they go on one way only...

Below is the Input Shaft 3rd Gear and Synchronizer with the Roller Bearing set inserted - just for the photo -
the roller bearings go on the shaft alone before the gear goes on.

The Roller Bearing Set is a PLASTIC Sleeve that you carefully spread open to remove
from the shaft - if it broke - God Help you....!

Finally, this is the Input Shaft with the above components showing where they go.

I went to talk to a GM Parts Dealer Manager and he was kind enough to look up
the Roller (Needle) Bearings in his Computer.

All the Roller (Needle) Bearings have been discontinued by GM, but the GM parts place can order
them from "Vintage Parts" (?) for you and the Part numbers and current prices are on the diagram below.

I was told that if the Roller (Needle) Bearings are without grooves on them, that they
are still good....

Thank God for these photos because I am already forgetting how things came off.
Some of these things are not symmetrical and have to go back on the shafts in
a particular way !

I hope that I have not misrepresented anything here !

If I have, please PM me and let me know - I will correct any errors ASAP !

I will really have to study all these photos when I reassemble this puzzle.

Tomorrow, if time permits from grading Labs, will have a go at the Counter Shaft...


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