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Re: 94 Metro 5 Speed Manual Transmission Rebuild

Oh boy...things are getting complicated quickly !

I found a way to turn the Gear & Bearing Puller without the whole shooting match
turning with it.

I clamped the top crossbar "Bracket", as it is called in the G&B Puller manual, into my
large Vise.

Then I thought - not everyone has a big vise - so I tried this (below) and it works too !

The wrench has to be turned HARD and then all at once it "cracks" and everything
starts coming off (moving) if you keep turning the wrench.
If you stop for a moment, it clamps up again....

Once the "5th Gear Spacer" and the "L" Bearing on the other end of the Input Shaft
are off, there are many parts to keep track of - I mean the order in which they came off.

I decided a ROPE would keep them in order and allow me to put them in a drawer or box easily.

This is what is left on the Input Shaft - there is now a "Circlip" that has to be removed.

Here is a closeup of said "Circlip" I took with a 3x eyeloup against the camera lens.

The Engineers who developed and continually improve these transmissions are astounding geniuses !

Imagine a Military Helicopter Rotor Transmission or some of the stuff on the Space Shuttle !

More to come....


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