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Re: 94 Metro 5 Speed Manual Transmission Rebuild

Have had visitors at my house for several days - couldn't get to the Transmission.

In trying to get set up to pull the Gears and Bearings off of the Shafts, I had to
figure out a way to hold the Shafts upright.

I finally figured out a way to hold them w/o damaging them.

We'll see if this works......taking off the Input Shaft "R" Bearing....
This Ball Bearing has the number 6204 on it.

Everything wants to turn while I torque off the Bearing....!

Finally the center bolt started to turn easily as the Bearing "Broke Loose - Let Go" and came off.

The next thing will be to pull off the "5th Gear Spacer" and the "L" Bearing (has the number 6206 on it)
on the other end of the Input Shaft as per page 7A-22 shown beside the Shaft in the picture.

I found that the Gear & Bearing Puller has inadequate length bolts to accommodate
the gears and bearings on this little car's transmission shafts ! WHY ?

So, as Way already said in his thread on rebuilding this transmission,
I had to go out and buy longer bolts....

Note that I bought 5/8 inch Nuts to use as "Spacers" on the 1/2 Bolt.

Whatever the Chinese used for 1/2 inch Bolts in this Puller Kit are not threaded either American or Metric !
No nut at the store would thread onto them....(?)

More to come...onward !


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