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Re: 94 Metro 5 Speed Manual Transmission Rebuild

The manual says to remove the Countershaft end bearing cap with a "Blind Hole Bearing Puller".

The end bearing cap can be seen above.

I tried to gently pry it out to no avail.....didn't want to damage it or the Aluminum case.

So I broke open the chains around my wallet and purchased a "Blind Hole Bearing Puller"
at Harbor freight for $30 and used one of their 20% off coupons which they
often send you by E-Mail if you subscribe to their mailers. Not bad.....

BTW - what is that little white paint dot on the end of the Bearing Race ?
Has this transmission been rebuilt before this ?

I probably could have rented it for $10 per day, but now it is 'my precious'....another tool in my arsenal.

Later in the day -

So nice....the Blind Hole Bearing Puller is too small to remove the Bearing End Cap !

I suppose there is a "special Large one" just for Transmissions....

I had to "...Improvise, Adapt, Overcome..." as Gunnie Highway would say in "Heartbreak Ridge".

So I tried using a large Drywall Screw and a pair of Wire Crimpers as shown in the following photo.

It actually started working
- until it became obvious that the Differential Gear is in the way of the Bearing End Cap
from coming out of its hole. I should have noticed that ahead of time...
A big nail would have worked better - flat head instead of sloped as on the drywall screw.

So I removed the Speedometer Case Assembly next

followed by the Shift Lever.

WARNING ! - when you pull out the Shift Rod, there is a Ball Bearing which comes out !

Do not allow this Ball Bearing to get away from you....It is held in there by the "Gear Shift Shaft Bolt"
seen at the bottom of page 7A - 19 of the Manual.

It will fall out when the Gear Shift Shaft is removed.

Then I removed the Differential Gear.

Just lift the Differential straight out ! - it lifts out easily !

I did not know the Differential lifts out at first, so some of these photos still have it
in the case.

Put the Differential in a wide open vise to keep the sides from turning and use a long wrench to remove the bolts.

Just don't squeeze the gears in the Differential.

Once the Differential gear was out, I pried the Bearing End Cap off using a simple minded Nail Puller
with a Half Inch Nut underneath as a pivot !

The end cap was not in there very hard, it just gets stuck if pried out unevenly...


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