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Re: 94 Metro 5 Speed Manual Transmission Rebuild

Try as I could, I couldn't turn the Counter Shaft End Nut...

So I decided to cut it off using my trusty old 5/8 inch Nut Splitter.

So I cut it as far as I could with the Moto-Tool thin disk cutter and then put the
Nut Splitter to it....

After a little blade action, the recalcitrant nut eased right off with a 16 inch wrench.

I'll buy a new one - I thought....

Chevy has them - but you have to order ten of them !
Napa doesn't sell them....

Schucks ( had some - so I bought one
Mazda M1 Spindle Nut - part No. 615-103.1 for $7.50.
Not the same shape, but I suppose it will do....(?)
You'd think I was buying some part for the Space Shuttle, for God's sake !

After that, I removed the Reverse Shaft Bolt (page 7A-18) and started on the
Left case Plate covering the ends of the shafts.

There are six Phillips head bolts holding that plate down.
Three turned (with difficulty) and three wouldn't budge...Time for POWER !

I found a large Phillips head bit in my Impact Wrench set and it fit into a socket
wrench bit !

Using this

I got them to turn easily !

The plate came off revealing the Shim on the Countershaft end and the large ball
bearing race on the input shaft.

The Input Shaft Sleeve shown above is on the shaft very tight and is right up
against the ball bearing inner race.
I have tried using a sharp wood chizel to ease it up, but is is very tight and I can't get anything under it to pull it off.

I may try some heat (torch - not much!) to get it up.

More to come after I have a big bowl of Chili and a Beer......I'm hungry.


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