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Re: 94 Metro 5 Speed Manual Transmission Rebuild

I am following the sequence in the Transmission Rebuild link cited previously.

The next thing to remove was the Left Case "Gear Shift & Select Shaft" case cover plate.
There is a "O" - Ring under it acting as the seal.

Set the shifter to have the shift rod in the middle of the hole (neutral I think).
Take the Yoke Bolt out later.

Then the Gear Fork Shaft Bolts were taken out (use a socket wrench not a phillips head screwdriver!)

The "Bolts" come out then you have to fish out the springs.
NOTE that the center spring is the longest spring....
Use a magnetized screw driver to attract the Steel Balls - Watch It !
They bounce and roll as if alive - they get lost easily !

I took out the four bolts holding the "Gear Shift & Select Assembly" cover on.

Then the "Gear Shift Interlock" bolt below the cover.

The cover was difficult to remove - well glued on! I finally tapped on the two
diagonal back flanges with a rod and hammer to get it separated from the case.
See the second picture below -= flanges on upper right & lower left.

Not wanting to score the seal, I gently pried the cover forward and saw
the guide pins on diagonal corners.

This means it cannot be removed except straight out. I pulled the cover straight out and off.
Now you can take the "Yoke Bolt" out - see beginning of this post.

I got brave and pulled the Shift Rod out after taking the Yoke Bolt out.

Wiped it off, wrapped it in a paper towel and stored it in a drawer.

Here is what the opening looks like inside.

While the Transmission was blocked up, I rotated the Input Shaft by hand and
moved the Gear Selector Tabs up or down with a screw driver until the shafts
locked up.

All the selector tabs were toward the Bell end of the Transmission.

Now I can unscrew the nut on the Counter Shaft end.

I hope I don't strip any gears doing so....


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