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Re: 94 Metro 5 Speed Manual Transmission Rebuild (Photos)

I cleaned out my "work area" in my shop next to our heating oil tank, set up a collapsible table,
covered it with Visqueen, then Newspapers and took some preliminary photos.

The Beer Bottle was used for size reference as I figured most everyone would be familiar with the size -
and was close at hand.

Am using a couple of diagrams that came from Teamswift to keep me on track.

I most sincerely advise you to print out the diagram below ! This gets very complex...

Here the black "Left Cover" is removed showing the 5th Gear on the end of the Input Shaft and the
the CounterShaft 5th gear.

I am using the words from the diagram ! I wouldn't know the input shaft from
my left ear if the truth were known.

I used a "Snap Ring Pliers" to remove the Snap ring on top of the Fork on the right in the
picture and also the one holding the Input Shaft 5th Gear in place.

The fork shown has a little cover on the back side which requires a Metric Allen Wrench to
unscrew revealing a Ball Bearing "Guide Ball" which can be pulled out with a magnet.

Using a punch, I then knocked out a pin holding the fork from being removed and the fork lifted
off easily along with the 5th Gear "Sleeve and Hub".

What is the yellow paint all about - has this unit been rebuilt or is that from the factory assembly process?

I cleaned all these parts with Deodorized Paint Thinner in a large jar before photographing them.

I also put each part's components into labeled plastic sandwich bags in a box to keep track.

At this point it was made very evident to me that I had better take good pictures of the gears on
the shafts as it would be easy to get confused over which one went where and with which side up?

Someone had suggested putting the gears on a stick in the order they came off to keep track of
the complexity which develops as one disassembles this bugger.

Sounds like a damned good idea!


PS - I am using a Kodak Easyshare C613 6 MP digital camera on "Portrait Setting" with Flash
and editing the images with Photoshop 5.0 LE and uploading to

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