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94 Metro 5 Speed Manual Transmission Rebuild (Photos)

I am starting the disassembly of the '94 Geo Metro 5 Speed Manual Transmission
which I bought at a Pull & Save recently for $55.

for that part of the story.

For removing the Transmission, you might have a look at

My transmission is making bearing noise, so I am rebuilding this
"spare" hoping it is ready as an Organ Transplant for my '93 Metro,
The Phoenix, whose engine I rebuilt a year and a half ago
and posted here on this forum.

Bought the Transparts Warehouse "standard Transmission and transfer case
Overhaul Kit" for $172 (shipping included) on Ebay and have it here.

They actually included a little "treat" - a piece of candy....

What is not in this Kit are "Needle" or "Roller" Bearings !

So when you remove those needle / roller bearings further on, take special care
not to damage them.

I am not sure they can be replaced....(?)

Also purchased the '89 - '97 Geo Metro Exedy Clutch Kit from on Ebay for $109.55 (shipping included).

Both arrived quickly w/o any problems.

I sprayed GUNK on the Transmission and spray cleaned it at a coin operated car
wash - it looks nice and ready for surgery...

I am using the Manual as a guide which is given here:
Each page was copied to my Hard Disk so that I can view them whenever I
need them w/o having to go online.

So far, everything has come apart easily.

Took the Left Steel Cover off and now have the 5th gear off.

Buy a Snap Ring Pliers ! You'll need a Metric Allen Wrench also.

Be ready for the stench of the Transmission Oil...God does it stink !

The fifth gear came off simply by pulling gently.

I'm taking pictures and trying not to F**k this up.

There are so many Photos - This Thread may load very slowly if you have dialup...

I will post this here as I go along - but I am going to take my time and do it
properly - at least for a 66 year old amateur club fingered beer drinking dufus
who can't see well up close any more.

Be patient - this will probably take a month or so.

BTW - once everything has loaded (all photos done) you can save the entire
thread by clicking on FILE | Save Page as... and then pick the place on your Hard Drive.

Look at it later by clicking FILE | Open File and it should display offline.


............Damn! It is hot down here.........

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