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Re: A sad sad story... The latest victim of the dreaded crankwalk...

I'm in Northeat Ohio but will drive pretty far for a cheap 6 bolt thats complete. lol

I just got raised from part time to full time on my new job and I should be bringing home about 1500 a month... Should be plenty to build my 6 bolt by summertime.

About how much has it costed you guys with 6 bolt swaps to have their internals all built?... I donno if I will need to do anything to the head or not though... I'm still trying to figure out how much this will all cost me. My new goal has been raised to running 11's

I wanna make sure I compile a list of every part I will need to build a monsterous motor and do it all right the first time. I wanna build a reliable monster and keep it as my daily driver.

Suggestions from anyone? I was gonna o-ring my head but my one buddy told me not to and that a steel head gasket should be good for at least 30psi... I'm thinking the most I'll be running is about 25-28psi...

I'm still trying to get the Firebird running and it keeps blowing out coolant lines everywhere and I'm not sure why. I put a new thermostat in it with a thermostat housing gasket/o-ring and it is still blowing out there too. Any ideas on that piece of junk?
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