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Originally Posted by 1stRAM
i know this subject was posted by someone else but i'm desperate to get a solution. we bought this truck from a private owner 2 weeks ago and last week out of the blue the ABS light came on once or twice and went out right away. then the next day ABS and airbag came on, when the airbag comes on the gauges die. if they stay off long enough the odometer reads "no bus". then they all of a sudden come back on. the truck runs fine, but it's doing it more often now. my husband has checked the wiring/connections and that doesn't seem to make a diff., he's switched the gauge cluster with one we got and that didn't help. one service guy said it might be the BCM but when i tried to get that part from the dealer(2 diff. ones) they said that truck doesn't have a BCM. this is very's a 2000 ram 2500-5.9L. any other suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.

I just purchased an 01 Ram 1500, I had the same problem, it took a long time to find the problem because evertime they looked at the truck it was ok and they could not create the problem. I had the problem come on and drove it to the dodge dealer with out shutting down the truck. they said it was the ABS module, yesterday the Dodge dealer replaced the ABS module at a cost of $520 I will drive it and let you know if it comes back...
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