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No Bus Shows in Mileage window

I just had that same issue , I have 2001 Ram 1500 2Wd , 318 , Auto . I had first saw the Brake and ABS lites come on , and after getting some gas a few weeks ago , I lost everything ( all guages ) . They ( the dealership ) replaced the abs module saying that it shorted out . They put it on the diags and found there was no ccd bus communication and abs codes mismatched to vin . They installed a new abs module and set pinion . About a couple days later , the ABS and Brake lite came back on. They read the diags and found out that the brake pressure limiter was shorted and corroded . so they replaced it . My first question was why they did'nt do this when they first had it in there , but oh well . Can't ask for perfection lol ! Hope this helps


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