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Re: Brilliant Alfa Romeo 155 with an LPG coversion on sale on ebay !!

Originally Posted by 155er
sorry to rain on your parade but ive seen your car on ebay and if you think your going to even get close to £1000 for an old 2ltr 8valve you are dreaming im not saying the car isnt good but 155's have a book value of £0 im on my third one a q4 and that is worth nothing.
you should try selling it where you came from maybe they are worth more there and its not even registered i will be shocked if you get 1 bid.

i simply do not understand you taking the time to write a rather rude message. If you are not interested just don't bid.

as you say that you "would be shocked" if i get one bid, then be shocked though as the car has 17 bids.

Regards the "you should try selling it where you came from" i simply state that your line stinks of racism. You should spend less time in writing rude messages and more time caring about using the right punctuation (and it’s YOUR language…..not even mine).
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