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Less than an arm and a leg would be nice. How else can we drive
I have to say that at $120,000 PLUS there are way too many choices of exotic cars that if I were going to spend that much I would look somewhere else.

What does Acura have going for it?!
Just aobut everything that makes it an exotic car speed, performance, agility, looks, etc, etc.
What else?!
The fact that it's an Acura adds reliability. Sorry but I think we can all agree that "Exotics" are not (normally) a daily commuter, grocery getter, soccer Mom, kinda car. Are there any exotics that are more reliable then the NSX? (I'm sure many will argue this one)
What the NSX doesn't have?!
Exotic status. Ferrari, Porsche, Rolls Royce, etc. these are cars that people can vision $100,000 + price tags with. Many think you are an idiot to spend that kind of money on a car, but these people are not the car nuts like us.

If you pay $100,000 for a $130,000 NSX will people say "Wow you saved $30K on that NSX, Great." No, they will say "YOU PAID WHAT FOR AN ACURA!!!".

The NSX needs to go back to it's root just like the Lexus and Inifinity brands. They were all "affordable" alternatives to the European luxury vehicles and that's what they shold remain. If they keep uping performance, reliability, and keep affordable prices. They can easily beat out any competition.:frog: Change that at it's straight to another dealer we will go.
If you could drive any car in the world, it would be the car of your dream. nuf said.
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