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[quote] I heard GTR's don't really feel at home on low speeds and tend to go all over the place

Dude, I have heard that is entirely not true. The Skyline has been praised as one of the most controllable cars under all coditions (even normal day to day driving). However, the suspension may not be as smooth as your normal sedan obviously. Also, it was said to be very mild at normal speeds and driven like any other daily commuter...but hit the gas and the BEAST is unleashed. As mentioned, no car can quite compete with it's tunablility (most of them if not almost all). I agree the NSX has the skyline witht he looks department when sen from the front and from above. the sides are pretty much a close call (but the NSX has the advantage a little). However, I don't care if YOU don't like it, the rear of the skyline is killer (R33 and R34). I'm peaking only on stock bodies of course, when we speak of veilside(and other skyline aftermarket kits) far as I am concerned, it's like ...NSX? What's that? Also, the NSX is pretty dominant in the interior department. I wouldn't mind having both, but if I had to choose..I'd choose the Skyline (no question whatsoever if the R35 comes out - What could be better as far as looks and performance?- For the money atleast).Well, I'm out of things to say...I await both the NSX and see which (if either) really does come with a V8 (in the R35 case - if it makes it to the US at all).
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