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Re: Engine Swap- 1988 VG30ET motor into a 1984 Nissan 720 Truck

Hey, thanks for the info.. I see this has been done before in a 520 and a 720 truck.. Mine happens to be a Sunrader RV, which has the 720 body. I took this out of a 300ZX sport. I have the wring Harness and brains, will find someone to remove all the parts to this harness that deals with smog or extra things I do not need. I left the other harness in to accommodate the lights and everything else. 84 did not have a brain.. Might put a pinto front end on to remove much of the stuff in my way.. that is if all this once I see what is in the way. Yes, I know the steering is in the way especially with the turbo right there.. I am wondering if the turbo will miss the frame or maybe I can lift the motor a little. Pan is also a problem if I try and keep stock front end.. Anyone have info on if a truck pan will work? Also not sure if the alternator will hit or not or will I have to move it.. Anyone done this with a turbo motor.. I am not sure about this cross over exhaust behind the motor on how to deal with it without having to cut the firewall anyone have info on that.
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