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Exclamation clutch master cylinder need help fast

i got my 91 alfa in the school shop to replace the master and slave cylinder for the clutch. i've done the slave and now it's still grinding so im gonna do the master. the teacher says he will not allow me to do anything on it till i get the manual or instrutions on how to do it and i must do it tomorrow or bring it home while its grinding 1st, 2nd, and reverse (and lemme tell ya its more than just a click). well low and behold there isnt one anywhere in town or the three surrounding it. if anyone has the the shop manual and would be willing to copy and email me ( the pages that discuss master cylinder removal and installation, that would be great, or if you have done this before and could sent me instrutions walking me thru it (dont have to be extremely detailed, just enough so i can follow it) it would be really great. thanks for all your help.
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