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Thumbs up Shackle Install and Torsion lift

Installed the shackles in less than an hour. The longest time was spent going to the hardware store to get some shorter bolts for the spring itself. I did have to trim about 1/8" off the inside of the top bushing in order to make the shackle go onto the hangar. (dashed my worries about the spacing issue) The bushing protruded enough to make it impossible to get the shackle on over it. I cleaned the hangar and lightly lubed the bushings to make it eaiser to slip the shackle onto them. Pretty much followed the directions with the exception of using floorjacks to support the frame. I lifted the spring below the axle to relive the tension in order to get the lower bolts in. The lower bolts that I got from SLR were about 1" too long. so I put some shorter ones on. I also put lock washers on all the bolts. ( just in case something freaky happened).

My thanks to Syncro for his enlightenment! I was able to adjust the torsion bars 1-1/4", and get it done in about thirty minutes. I don't really know how other people are figuring the amount to adjust, but I figured out that 10 full revolutions equalled about 1" in adjustment. (no bullbar or skid plates). I decided to adjust the bars with the tires lifted up off the ground to relieve the tension, but I too think that is a preferance instead of a requirement. If the threads on the adjuster are the same on all Xterra's, then this amount should be the same. It's about thread pitch and the distance adjusted. I don't know why but I suppose some torsion bars may be more flexable than others. (guessing) That may account for the difference in this distance adjustment from X to X. Of course, bullbars and skid plates will effect this too. In any case, getting a good measurement is important. I measured the frame just about the point where the bend in the frame goes up to the front suspension. I used one of the drilled holes in the frame there as a reference so I would be measuring the same place on the other side.

Give me a week or so to get a feel for the Interco Trxus tires. I'll be glad to give the board a review on them.

Now that all the works done.....It's time to play!!!

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