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Bad rumble in right front

I have a 03 Dakota 4x4 that is rumbling badly from the right front. The rumbling increases and gets louder steadily with speed, transfers slightly through the steering column, and goes away when turning right and taking the weight off the right front tire. It is also doing this when in 2WD. I have replaced the bearing hub assembly but that didnt fix it. I have also pulled out the CV axle, but am unable to tell if this is the problem. I'm also not finding any worn bushings or ball joints, or at least not enough wear to justify this horrid sound.

It is my understanding that a worn CV will produce a clicking noise when turning. I havent noticed this at all, yet I can't imagine what other moving parts could be causing this rumbling. I have also taken a look at the spline on the differential, and other than the normal tiny bit of movement, it looks fine.

Suggestions? I am leaning toward replacing the CV axle, but the boots are intact and I have already dropped $96 on a part I didnt need, so I'm being cautious.

Thanks in advance.
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