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Re: The Pro

Originally Posted by 3000GT_guy View Post
I have gotten sponsored by them and u only have to pay the 88 dollars if u get approved for the sponsorship and they are a good company I got sponsored for 12000 dollars for my 3000GT but they will not even look at u for a sponsorship unless u have some form of competition under your belt. I was in car audio for 3 years and placed in world finals 2 years in a row so ya u need to get your name out their before I would even bother talkin to them.
Well I don't know if all that stuff is true. I was awarded a sponsorship, but I have really won anything. I did compete in a sound comp. that was held by what's there names you know the big people and I placed second. I lost by .7 of a dec. So relly I odn't know what to tell you.
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