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I finally managed to get another one finished - not the easiest kit, but I just had to build the only Group C car with Martini stripes I would have preferred the later, wide body versions, but the Modelers kit is hard to get, so I had to build the early version made by Protar... and I only managed to get the version with metal body.

Unlike the white metal in todays MM kits, this body was made from a hard metal, I guess like a die-cast body. The surface had many flaws so I had to use lots of liquid putty and primer. The primer did not adhere that well to the metal at first, so careful handling was necessary before clearcoating. This was also the reason why I glued the doors shut. BTW: the rear wing was designed the wrong way round - the holes for the holding pins were on the upside...

The bad front lights (the cover had the lights moulded in as plastic blobs on the backside!) were replaced by some spare parts and new covers. The door windows were made from thick plastic and had very wide edges for glueing - I filed off the edge on the door and made new windows. As the decals partly cover the clear parts I had to clearcoat over the clear parts, but this was not a problem with Mr. Super Clear .

While talking about decals: I got the ones from Colorado Decals, and I have to recommend them to everyone who wants to build this kit: the original decals as well as the Pattos decals expect you to put on the stripes on top of the louvres in one piece. The Coloroado ones however are cut out over the louvres and have two seperate stripes that you can apply over the louvres; I cut those in small stripes and it worked very well. The decals would be for the presentation car, but I wanted a number on the car and the black rear wing, so I used a couple of the original decals as well - let's call it a museum car for the rivetcounters

Painted with Zero Paints white, TS29, Alclad Alu and Gunze Mr. Super Clear on Top.

Hope you like it.

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