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1988 Camaro RS engine compatibility

Hi there, I have a 1988 Camaro RS (V6, 5sp man) that has been sitting in my parents garage since about 2005. I let some random friend of a friend drive it and I was initially told by a gearhead friend that the dudes driving probably blew an engine rod.. The guy shifted from 3rd to 2nd while accelerating - I don't remember how fast, but RPMs were high and the engine stalled immediately and kicked the trans out of gear.

All that being said, I want to revive it (it was my first car). So my question;
Is there an engine swap compatibility guide? (I've tried doing an initial surface search, but I don't really know what I'm looking at or for. I've never done anything this complicated to a vehicle (swapping suspension is probably the most advanced thing I've done).)
What else should I take into consideration with renovating after having sat for so long? (I figure I'll have to drain/flush/refill everything that holds a fluid.)

Thanks for the answers and I look forward to getting my baby back out on the road.
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