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Re: A few questions. Thinking of buying a D

Originally Posted by kline1
I live in PA where they salt the heck out of the roads and I just hate rust.

I know that the bodies of the Delorean is fiberglass with SS304 exterior panels and that the frame is regular steel (epoxy coated?).

Are there other factors to be considered in this type of corrosive enviroment or is the Delorean the perfect candidate? (I guess I am asking, will this car last me forever is such a harsh enviroment, year round)

Also how easy is it to work on the Delorean (1-10 scale)?

I know the parts are exotic and sometimes difficult to find.

How easy is it to separate the body from the frame. How is the frame fasten to the body?

Hey, why not. Even if it turns out to be a mistake, you only live once, right?

The car is not the dream you're thinking of when it comes to corrosive environments. The frame was epoxy coated with a hard epoxy, which cracks over time, trapping in moisture... often allowing for rusted frames even in California!

The car is held together with normal bolts - the kind that corrode.

Parts are easy to find at four major locations across the USA (ordering on-line), and are cheap when compared to new cars.

But the biggest warning I'll give you - the OWNERS. DeLorean owners are the dregs of humanity. They are immature, uneducated, and mentally unstable. These will be your comrades at shows. Fun, huh?
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