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Question First Car

Hey guys,
So I will be getting my license soon, so I have recently been looking at cars. While looking at smaller trucks, and different cars....I happened to stumble again upon the DeLoreans. These cars have always attracted me ever since I saw them (I know everybody says that, but it's true). I didn't think that anyone, especially my parents, would take me seriously if I said I wanted a car from the 80's....but I was wrong. My mom loves them, my friends think it would be awesome, and I don't know about my dad (I guess he's pretty open). Anyways, I have been trying to locate mechanics in my area trying to scrounge up any information on the cars (I haven't found anyone who is experienced with DeLoreans, of course). I have been doing a ton of research online, and there are only a few things that make me question. First off is the reliability. Being a car from 81'-83', how do these cars hold up if I find one that has been well-maintained? How hard/pricey is it to get the worked on? What about parts (if I get in an accident, or something "blows up")? I just need some info. from people who have experience with the cars, so I can do some persuading . Also, am I stupid for wanting this as a first car? I know that is is my first car, and I'm younger and all.....but I like them too, you know! I am very serious about getting one, and speed isn't the top priority on my list. So, someone.....enlighten me with some details. Then, I need to persuade my family about the 2 seat deal....I can make that work, though (hopefully) Thank you!

Oh yeah, almost forgot! I can't spend like $25,00 on a DeLorean....obviously. I am looking for one that is in great condition (well maintained, garaged, etc...), but not souped up and ready for "racing"...anywhere from the $10-13 grand range looks reasonable at this point in time, b/c it is a first car. I have found two, that I have my eye on. Let me know of any others that you have seen for sale!
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