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Re: Re: Re: What are the differences between....

Originally Posted by ZedEx
Precisely... There is now controversy with the Koenigsegg vehicles. Apparently, the new Ford GT is built with the same engine, and there happens to be some disagreement about who should be allowed to continue the use of the engine.

Im not filled in on all of the details, but I'll post them as soon as I get more information.

The Koenigsegg cars use a V8 FORD Mustang engine -an old one at that from the 90s- which they tuned with a s/c etc. Of course, Koenigsegg deny using such an engine because they want to claim it is their engine so people will pay the high price for their car. That is deceptive and turns me off.! But they have been exposed and Ford has every right to go after them for copying their engine and renaming it Koenigsegg.

If you want a FORD V8 engine then buy a FORD car -at least you will have an original and save a lot of $$!
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