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Re: 84 Fiero No Crank/NoStart

Originally Posted by Tech II View Post
Blue, you must like those Fiero's!!!!!!!!!!!!

Never liked them......too low, lousy ride.....loved those ex manifold rotted underneath.....

Only thing good about them was the use of plastic panels......

The last year they were ready to really redesign it, and then they just dropped it......

Must admit, a Formula with a 2.8 and 5 speed was a zippy little car......
I'm a touch over 6' 4" and I liked the copious amount of legroom. I could get all of my hockey gear in the passenger seat and the sticks into the car (they were quite long since I played defense). There wasn't a lot of storage space elsewhere in the car, but it was O.K. as a commuter. On skinnies it did pretty well in winter - Exceptionally well on ice. They did have their flaws, but GM has made several version of worse cars since then.
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