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Welcome to the Pyrotechnics Forum! - Please Read Rules

Welcome to the Pyrotechnics forum!

You can talk about anything and everything to do with fire. Learn what fireworks are legal or are illegal in your state. Practice safety with fireworks and learn the dangers of certain types. Most of all, share your interest with fellow pyros.


- Even though this is the pyro forum, the no flamming rule still applies.

- Any criminal offenses or acts including but not limited to, discussing acts of property destruction and anything of the nature will also be removed. This includes but is not limited to arson, bombs, homemade bombs, so on and so forth. This is a commercial and professional pyrotechnics forum for enjoyment, not destruction.

-All AF rules still apply.

-I or any other moderator have the right to remove or move any post we deem inappropriate.

-AF ( is not held responsible or liable for any actions taken or discussed on this board. Any injuries, or illegal activities are not the responsibility of or its staff.
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