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Re: Air Compressors?

What kind of voltage does the 5 hp use?
I have a 5 hp 110 volt compressor with a 20 gallon tank, and it is marginal for keeping up with any high flow air tool. Also it is very sensitive to poor electrical wiring. You need to be close to your electrical panel and use fat wiring. It simply will not start the motor if one uses a regular extension cord or standard household wiring, unless the circuit os bery short.
For many years I had a 2 hp 220 volt 2 cyl industrial compressor on a 60 gallon tank. It beat my 5 hp compressor hands down, even though it had less hp. The 220 volt makes a big difference.
The best compressor for high demand is a gasoline powered one. I have a 2 cyl compressor powered by a 5.5 hp Honda. It is portable and more powerful than any compressor short of my old 550 volt three-phase compressor.
My gasoline compressor is so good, I have not bothered with using my electric unit in 2 years .
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