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Re: Rear end re-seal


The axle seals are from colman #150-403 they are 18.00 per side. I don't know the hub seal # but they have a CR #on them. You should be able to get them at your local bearing supply store.

As far as tips to install I have several but don't know if they worked until I test them at the next track event.

Easy way to remove the seal. Loosen the three allen screws holding the seal together than slide the axle back in the tube and used it as a ram to knock the seal into the rearend housing.

I distroyed a few seals tring to install them so tip # 2 would be buy several sets untill you get the hang of it.

Tip # 3. when puting the seal together do not tighten the allen bolts and trim the execes rubber off the outside of the seal so it slides into the axle tube with a small about of effort. I used a block of wood to install mine. After getting the seal into the tube tighten the three allen bolts. Tighten the allen bolts will squeeze the rubber seal so it will seal to the inside of the axle tube.

I know this sounds strange but when you get the first seal out it will all make scense.

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