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sorry if this aint the right place to ask

But I've been reading a lot of the posts, in this thread as well as others. And this is my question for you. Not so much as somebody to recommend a bike to me, more of their opionion. I rode dirt bikes for yrs. Rode upto 250's at around the age of 16. Since then I've rode a few different street bikes, one of which is my cousin's 04 gsxr1000. Granted it was just around the block, but I was apply to handle it fairly well. However I agree with time on a bike, mine isn't really ready to purchase one of those, but with my experience, my cousin, as well as my uncles, have been suggesting either an R6 or gsxr600. And before I went and did that, just thought I'd get a few more opionions. Keepin in mind this won't be the first 2 wheels I've been on, racing dirt bikes for some time and a bit of street bike experience. Sorry if this isn't the right spot to post it, and I swear, I did read what you guys suggested, and now am wondering if my choices should eblven include thoses. Thanks for the help.
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