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"My first bike" and related tales

We've all read them a BILLION TIMES if not MORE. If you want to know the stance of the riders on this board about first bikes, READ THE THREADS!!! That's what the search engine is for. We won't make exceptions because your mom's dad's uncle's monkey's cousin once let you ride his wotijaw23590235 in the backyard. If you want to ask something SPECIFIC about a bike like "what kinds of tires are best for different kinds of riding", or "is a corbin seat really worth the money" then please ask!!! We really do like to answer *intelligent* questions. Just PLEASE try to do a little bit of research of your own either by Google or by running a search in this forum first.


P.S. The Search of the motorcycle forum is of "First bike". Other searches can be done for other specifics if they are so needed.
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