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the w16 motor is a freak of nature, but the veyron is only a superexpensive muscle car. the mclaren will still be the perfect supercar because of all it has to offer, not just in straight blazing top speed or 0-60 times. the mclaren does all it does on a v12 engine, the veyron needs an extra 4 cylinders, assuming it will beat the mclaren performance. its not a fair comparison, granted, i still think the mclaren will beat it on any track with more than 2 turns.

also, regarding the 911 dispute, for the difference you pay for the extra .4+ 0-60 times, its not justified. granted, if you can afford a veyron, you damn well better find a track to use it on, otherwise, what good is the extra top speed you aqcuire?
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