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I've seen many cars in my life...including the Murcielago. It's not "one of the nicest cars ever designed" in my opinion...and I'm sure I'm hardly alone. Lamborghini has much to live up to and the Murcielago is just one of their designs...I wouldn't rank it among THEIR best. I, personally, would put it among the lower levels of Lamborghini cars.

Hey, but styling is a personal thing and Supercarman's statement that it is "by of the nicest cars ever designed, and that's not just my opinion" is a bit misleading. Just because you and your friends like it, doesn't necessarily mean there are throngs of people who subscribe to this thought.

The Murcielago is a nicely designed car...I would never rank it among the "nicest cars ever"...and I don't know any automotive professionals or historians who would.
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