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Re: EB 110

Originally Posted by enzo@af
uh, andrew...are you smoking? Dauer hasn't changed the body, as far as I've heard. Those original pics are straight from the Dauer site, and the one below is of a 92 EB110SS. Maybe I'm just missing these drastic changes.

Wrong Sir,
Dauer has changed completely the body. It is all in carbon fiber and well made by NITEC. The history says that Dauer could not finish the 8 cars, not 5, because there were not anymore body pannels available. Only the yellow is in alluminium and the black is mixte. All the others are completely in carbon fiber, with molds made out of a finished car.
Dauer's problem is the price.......the car is better then the original....but it is not original.
Just for your info: GT 560 HP and 600 Nm - SS 621 HP and 720 Nm
342 kmh the GT and 351 kmh the SS - 0-100 kmh of the GT 3,6 sec...the SS 3,27 sec - 1.850 kgs the GT - 1.625 Kgs the SS - The 4 turbos were starting all at the same time ( no sequentiality )

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