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Originally Posted by Innotech
Actually, I have seen this car before, and am quite familiar with it. I guess you could say Im a supercar freak...just look at my site! Count yourself lucky if you even recogmnize 20 of the cars on the site. I lknow a l;ot more, but lately I have been to busy to update, which means that over 100 more companies are waitng on my HD to be uploaded
The bugatti EB110 was originally styled by Marcello Gandini. However, Romano Artioli, whose ideas gave birth to the EB110, decided to redo the front end and sides
And the chassis which was in honeycomb with aluminium pannels for the first 5 Gandinis cars.
. His work obviously wasnt the best outcome.
Wrong - Artioli's cousin, Arch. Gianpaolo Benedini redesigned the car and the GT born. The car was terribly heavy and with such a turbo lag, it was not a pleasure to drive it. Not effective at all on the street. Unsellable. New strategy. Cost reduction by parts removal and price encreasement for the expected performances.....a wild bull.
The car came in 2 different forms. A slightly slower 200 mph version called the EB110 GT, with the rear quarter windows and slightly smaller intakes and the EB110
SS (supersport, the one pictures in all 3 photos above) and had the 7 holed side pods for air intake, and 2 special naca ducts leading into the plexiglass top of the engine bay.
The 3/4 windows as you call them, were motorised in the GT. They were opening by starting the engine. Target......weight out and then 2 electric motor out with the 4 glasses. Simply replaced by a piece of carbon fiber with 7 holes for giving fresh air to the engine area.
The EB110SS was the car that achieved 212 MPH. Dauer has bought the plans and molds, and already I see 2 styling changes.
Just the plans and no molds
One is the front airdam cutline is raised to just below the headlights. Two is the rear exhaust outlets were modified. Dauer is expected to make the car with an even more powerful, faster engine features, and updated interior.
He is German and he likes this kind of exhaust. Same as Brabus.

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