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300mph motorycle ? Forgedaboutit! 250 mph Veyron? Forgedaboutit also... Like I said before.. please do not, I repeat DO NOT confuse test figures with ***manufacturer specs***. If you cannot tell the difference go through the whole "world's fastest car" thread in this forum...

as for the Sledgehammer they just made the one back in the late '80s (it would be interesting to know where it is nowdays) it was designed to be street-legal (engine and gearbox were quite smooth considering the 920 HP) but ultimately the 410kph/255mph top was achieved on non-legal slick tyres. Tyres is part of the reason the Veyron's top is going to be reduced from 406kph to 350kph. That's cause they want it be driven on the streets without getting any tickets (or worse) for illegal tyres...(ok not the only reason!) so see, being street legal IS important cause otherwise like it was mentioned Mr. Schumacher could cruise downtown in his F2004
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