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Does the Mini make a good commuter car?

I drive 120 miles a day commuter to work. I know, its nuts but I like my job, seems more steady than anything Ive seen lately, and there just isn't anything closer that is "safe" in these economic times.
I am looking at a Mini for a commuting car for a couple of reasons.
They look fun to drive, good mpg, and my current car is dying. After 5 years of great mechanical care, its time is near. For the record, my current commuter is a 1999 Cavalier. I can't believe I got as much drive as I have with this car. It has 265,000 miles, Only major problem has been 2 batteries, 2 alternators, 1 water pump, and several brake jobs- front every 10,000 to 14,000 miles, rear once now and probably due soon. Amazing for this clunker car.
So do Mini's last with the normal good maintenance, oil changes, trans oil changes, etc etc etc.
And how long are the brakes good for? Front I am guessing with reasonable use , maybe 15,000? The rear, 50,000 miles? I do my own maintenance such as brakes, alternator replacements when needed, etc. Is the Mini a reliable car with normal maintenance. Of course, I may push it once in a while because, well , I would. My typical commute is 75 to 80 mph on the freeways when open, then stop and go traffic on the strrets.
Id appreciate your input
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